Couple Time

Being parents for almost 10 years (almost 11 if you count the pregnancy), we think we need some couple time. Just to enjoy ourselves 😍💞

So we took the chance while running for Singapore Marathon earlier this December. We had booked ticket the year before, even before they announced the marathon date. Well if we missed, we still have a lot to do 😙

At first we booked Lavender Hotel for the tranport convenient. I told the husband the room is small and is far away from the shopping street. We couldn’t leave shopping off the list, could we? Then there was an offer from Jen Hotel in Orchard Getaway. This offer we couldn’t say no. Same price with breakfast, addition 10 dollar EZ Link card (the metro card), and in Orchard! Yay!

After the run, we just dozed off. What made up jump was our reservation in Jumbo Chilli Crab, my husband favorite. We ordered the usual, fueled up for more fun awaiting us.
The next day, we ended up with shopping for the kids! There were lots of Star Wars merchandise sold. We kinda bought everything. It was a short couple time with lots of fun.


Places to Stay In Indonesia

Liburan di Indonesia di akhir tahun ini? Apa aja asal judulnya liburan, saya sih mau banget.

Tahun ini saya liburan singkat banget di beberapa hotel, 1 di Bali, 2 di Bandung. Pengen banget ke daerah lain tapi waktunya belum ada dan harus menyesuaikan dengan waktu sekolah kan ya.

Saya share review dan fotonya ya:

1. Grand Hyatt, Nusa Dua – Bali

This is by far the most beautiful hotel with beach I have ever been in Bali. The landscape, garden, the pools, the private beach… You want relaxing time by the beach, this is the place to stay. 


2. Intercontinental, Dago Pakar – Bandung

When I want to spend short getaway, like weekends, long weekends, Bandung is an option. Three hours drive from Jakarta, with beautiful mountain view, this is the place. It’s quiet, cool, just lovely.


3. Trans Hotel, Bandung

Picked this hotel because we wanted to play in the biggest indoor theme park (just next door). The hotel is superb, great sandy pool, big delicious breakfast, dinner. They even throw Movie Under the Star, watch blockbuster movie by the pool while you enjoy some snacks. Nice ya. The kids loved it.

So, what plans do you have this holiday season?

Young Writer

My son has a new hobby. Well, it actually started when we had to wait for 90 minutes for his piano group lesson. We were bored to death and decided to write. Later the night, we sign up for a blog so he can write there.

He has been updating his blog  on the weekend, mostly during waiting for his piano class.  It’s been fun for him.

Check out his blog on

Parenting Style

Ada teman kantor tanya mengenai parenting style saya. Hmm, saya agak otoriter seperti Tiger Mum, tapi saya selalu berusaha demokratis. Saya pendukung #1 anak-anak.

Lalu dia curhat mengenai suaminya dan anaknya. I just “hmm”. Parenting is not about the mom, it’s about the dad too. You can’t feel righteous because the dad has his own mind too. Yang penting bisa akur dan sepakat. 

Personality Test

I was sick yesterday after treating my two boys got sick. We were in bed, curled up because our heads were too heavy. I had a personality quiz from my FB feed, it was actually an MBTI test and I asked kakak if he wanted to take the quiz.

There are like 70-80 statements and the answers are agree or disagree. Kakak answered it, sometimes very quick, and sometimes he needed a deep thinking.

One of his answers surprised me.

As a parent, you would rather see your child grow up kind than smart.

His anwer was: Disagree. If you are smart, you know what is right. Being kind is just a part of doing what is right.

I asked him whether he thinks he is a kind person.

He said, of course I am kind. I am tactful kinda kind.

I asked him whether he thinks he is a sincere person.

He said, when I am kind, I am sincere. 

Well then, I think I am raising a smart kid.

[Inside Raka’s Mind]: INSIDE OUT

My opinion about Inside Out.

This is not the best movie I have ever watched but it sure is not the worst.

I watched this movie with my family. I thought this movie was about other Disney Pixar movies. I think the trailer misled me. When I see the title, it is for Teenager not for all ages. Why is it for teenager? It’s Disney, suppose to be for all ages. If children can’t watch it, it can’t be in Disneyland.

Main character: Riley and her 5 emotions, Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, Disgusting

Story: in real world, Riley is unhappy because she move to San Fransisco. In her mind, Riley lost her Joy and Sadness.

What I like: when 2 emotions can combine in mix color.

What I don’t want to happen in my life: to loose any emotion, they are important. I don’t want to loose my Bing Bong.

My 5 emotions:

  1. Happy like Riley’s Joy
  2. Anger
  3. Fear
  4. Sadness
  5. The emotions when I’m lying, I don’t know what it is. Manipulating?

My 5 islands of personality:

  1. Family
  2. Integrity
  3. Friends
  4. Imagination
  5. Subjects