My Running Diaries

I began to run in 2013. My last post before hiatus was about my first race.

In 2014, I took part in most running races in Jakarta. You name it, I run it. Hehehehe…

I’m a slow runner, loves running gadgets and apparels. I think I spent so much on those things. My running hauls: two pairs of 2XU compression, one vivofit, two pairs of shoes (one is Adidas Boost, one is Asics Gel Lyte 33 3), long sleeves running tee(S), a flip belt, hydration belt, hand held bottle, one 2XU hat, one Brooks visor, a pair of Adidas running pants. In short, in long, I spent A LOT.

I posted my running photos mostly on Path and Instagram. I managed to collect some medals and hang them on top of piano.


My most memorable run was The Jakarta Marathon 2014, I took part in Half Marathon. It was my first and longest run. I trained and had lots of fun with new pair of Adidas Boost specially given to #mamarunners.


I actually ran with the husband a.k.a. my pacer. We signed up for tens of running races, in May, in fact we had race every Sunday. Man… that was quite a spending hehehe. But we had lots of fun and sweat of course.


Also did my very first running race abroad. Alone. The husband suddenly had to fly to Bali for a business trip hence I was left alone. Luckily I have #mamarunners who ran an Ekiden number in the 2014 SCMS. I ran a half marathon. It was my second HM but I didn’t get an improvement in terms of time.


2014 was indeed a fun year to run. I hope I can run faster and longer this year. A full marathon perhaps? Rrrr… faster pace first, then perhaps next year. Or before I turn 40. Hehehehe…


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