Couple Time

Being parents for almost 10 years (almost 11 if you count the pregnancy), we think we need some couple time. Just to enjoy ourselves 😍💞

So we took the chance while running for Singapore Marathon earlier this December. We had booked ticket the year before, even before they announced the marathon date. Well if we missed, we still have a lot to do 😙

At first we booked Lavender Hotel for the tranport convenient. I told the husband the room is small and is far away from the shopping street. We couldn’t leave shopping off the list, could we? Then there was an offer from Jen Hotel in Orchard Getaway. This offer we couldn’t say no. Same price with breakfast, addition 10 dollar EZ Link card (the metro card), and in Orchard! Yay!

After the run, we just dozed off. What made up jump was our reservation in Jumbo Chilli Crab, my husband favorite. We ordered the usual, fueled up for more fun awaiting us.
The next day, we ended up with shopping for the kids! There were lots of Star Wars merchandise sold. We kinda bought everything. It was a short couple time with lots of fun.



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