About Motivation

My son used to ask my reason to work. I told him I am on a mission not just any work. I don’t work just to pay the bills. I’m on a mission to make Indonesian families achieve their lifetime financial security. He also asked what do I do, and I told him that I motivate everyone in the company to feel the same mission. He asked how, I replied I recognize their hard work and achievement and push others who haven’t reached their goal.


pic from here

Just yesterday, he told me this:

“I don’t get why you have to motivate adults. Adults should be driven from inside, by themselves. I don’t have others to motivate me. I do what I do because I like it and I’m very good at it.”

“Don’t they have dreams?”

Then we discussed deeper about my work and how everyone is not the same. Above all, how I am so proud to hear his motivation and dreams and everything.

Dear son, my real motivation is to be a living example that I, and you too, can make a difference.


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